David Beckham Reportedly Propah Pissed About Nicola-Posh Feud

The footballer “read the riot act” to son Brooklyn over Peltz’s treatment of Mummy Victoria

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham attend the GQ M...
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Allie Jones

This summer was rough for the Hatfields and McCoys of London and suburban Florida. Yes, I am referring to the tenuous in-law relations between the Beckhams and the Peltz-Beckhams, who have reportedly descended into a feud over Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s decision to wear a dress not designed by her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham for her wedding to Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham at her parents’ $100 million estate in Palm Beach in April. The back-and-forth has apparently gotten so bad that Brooklyn’s dad David Beckham is getting involved, and he’s pissed.

Some background: Nicola, 27, wore a Valentino gown for her nuptials. It looked kinda bad, and fans wondered why she didn’t wear a creation by her mother-in-law Victoria, who dressed a variety of other wedding guests, for the big day. This has led to rumors of a feud between the families, with sources telling British tabloids that they have been fighting over everything from the wedding to how much money to give their offspring for no reason. (The billionaire Peltz parents are reportedly in favor of “more.”) Ms. Peltz-Beckham addressed the feud rumors in Variety last month, explaining that her MIL’s atelier didn’t have the time or capability to create the dress she had in mind. She then repeated those claims in an interview with Grazia last week, which has reportedly reignited the flames of inter-family war.

According to the Daily Mail, Brooklyn, 23, got an earful from his dear old dad over Nicola’s media strategy. “I don’t think David has ever lost his temper with Brooklyn or had cause to talk to him harshly, but that has now finally happened,” said a source, adding that David “read the riot act” to young Brooklyn.

“He had it out with him and told him: ‘We don’t do this in our family, and you know that we don’t do this in our family,’” the source continued.

Sources declined to say whether David was also upset about Brooklyn’s fledgling “chef” career or all the money he wasted on NYU photography classes.

So far, neither David nor Victoria has commented publicly about the feud rumors. It remains to be seen whether David’s alleged temper tantrum will convince Brooklyn’s bride to stop talking to the press about an event that happened six months ago.