These People are Too Old and Famous to Get in a Fight with a Teenager

Courtney Love, 56, is mad at Olivia Rodrigo, 18

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Our national crisis of adults caring a little too much about what teenagers are doing continues, this week taking a musical bent with a spat between Courtney Love, 56, and Olivia Rodrigo, 18.

The legendary Love, who is 38 years older than the Disney-actress-turned breakout pop star, accused Rodrigo of plagiarizing her band Hole’s 1994 Live Through This album cover, which features a beauty queen or prom queen (unclear) with mascara running down her face. Rodrigo’s promotional photo for her upcoming Sour Prom concert film is of Rodrigo, who is the approximate age of a prom attendee, also dressed as a prom queen with mascara running down her face.

“I’ve informed her I await her flowers snd [sic] note . I sure hope it’s long . Does Disney teach kids reading and writing ? God knows. Let’s see . Yes this is rude. Rage inducing ? Honey if I had a dollar for everyone this happens ? I’d be real rich !” Love wrote in one of many comments on her Facebook page.

A second adult, perhaps chasing the long-ago thrill of jumping into a hair-pulling brawl in the halls of high school, then proceeded to side with Love over a girl who isn’t old enough to buy a cigarette. Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney, 38, posted an Instagram story of herself being made up with mascara running down her face and saying, “Love you, Courtney.”

British rocker Elvis Costello, 66, was sage enough to resist a honey trap inviting him to join a fight with a teenager. Replying to someone named Billy on Twitter who accused Rodrigo of stealing from Costello to create the track “Brutal,” the Hall of Fame-r wrote: “This is fine by me, Billy. It’s how rock and roll works. You take the broken pieces of another thrill and make a brand new toy. That's what I did.”

No official statement yet from Rodrigo’s team, who are presumably all made up of adults and probably should be the ones for Love to contact regarding flowers. Rodrigo herself has largely stayed silent amid all this commentary by her musical (and Housewives) elders. Probably because she’s too busy graduating from high school?