Christina Ricci’s Feminist Son: Boats Should Be Men

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For as long as we have had boats, they have been girls. The Niña, the Pinta, the Santa Maria, the Lady Ghislaine. Maybe the Ever Given was marginal, because her name is androgynous, but the Wikipedia page uses she/her pronouns, and blocking a major trade artery for six days is classically feminine behavior.

But now, Christina Ricci’s eight-year-old son has put his foot down. In an interview with the Guardian, Wednesday Addams said her firstborn, Freddie, has been interrogating the water-based misogyny we have all taken for granted.

He’s asking questions like, “Mom, is that racist?” Or, “Mom, is that OK for women?’”He’s got this whole thing about not calling objects – like boats – she. He’ll correct me: “Women are not objects.”

Freddie’s nautical activism may have to do with his ally father. Per Ricci, “My husband, Mark, is, I hate to say it because it sounds really obnoxious, a feminist.” Or they may be due to the fact that his mom has a job. “I think he’ll see women in a much more layered, complicated way, just by having grown up watching his mom do all this stuff,” she said. All in all, Freddie “won’t be able to avoid” being progressive, Ricci explained, after growing up the son of an affluent Hollywood actress and a celebrity hairdresser.

It appears the feminism ship has set sail with the entire Ricci clan in tow — and he looks stunning.