Chris Rock and Lake Bell Go Public at Noted Going Public Spot Giorgio Baldi

Where else?

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic / Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Allie Jones
Pap Strolls

There is one restaurant in Los Angeles where a cadre of paparazzi camps out every night, hoping to see Rihanna. It’s called Giorgio Baldi, it’s in Santa Monica, and Rihanna does go there a lot, like three times a week sometimes. Plenty of other celebrities go there, too, when they want to get their face in the tabloids without going to the trouble of asking a paparazzo to meet them outside the gym. The paparazzi are always at Giorgio Baldi, and even if you are not very famous, they will take your photo and sell it to Just Jared. I went one night in the spring and saw Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder walking down the ivy-covered runway wearing big hats, smiling into the flashes.

And so perhaps it is not a surprise that Chris Rock and Lake Bell, Hollywood’s newest random couple, went public this weekend at Giorgio Baldi. You can see photos of them walking really coolly and casually into the restaurant here.

According to Page Six, Rock, 57, and Bell, 43, showed up at the prime time of 8:45 pm on Saturday and “dined for almost two hours.” A source who is 100 percent the paparazzo who sold the photos told the gossip outlet that they were holding hands on the way out, but they “immediately let go of each other when they saw the photographers.”

A cute detail that makes it seem like they want to be private after all? Don’t be fooled. Bell was literally wearing a crop top. To a pasta restaurant. Congratulations to these two on their newfound mode of getting attention.