Chris Rock Goes to a Movie Alone

And for that we celebrate him

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: In this handout photo provided by A.M.P.A.S.,  Chris Rock is seen ...
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Little Joys

When you’re feeling low, it often helps to indulge in any one of life’s simple pleasures. Going on a walk, cooking your favorite meal, or calling your mom on the phone (if that isn’t stressful for you) can all lift you up and make you feel just a little better. Or you can do what I do, which is sit in a cold, dark room by yourself and watch whatever the hell is playing at 8 p.m. while I shovel popcorn into my gaping maw and wash it down with about a gallon of Diet Coke. Yes, Pepsi is fine.

Chris Rock, of comedy and slap fame, is no stranger to this lifestyle. On Thursday, Rock was spotted at a Boston AMC by himself, carrying popcorn, a hot dog, and a bottle of water. As a former AMC employee, I can say with expertise that this is a really solid order.

TMZ managed to snag a photo of Rock’s outing, where he posed with a fan while wearing an all gray sweat outfit and taking a bite of popcorn. I feel bad for Rock in this moment, there should be two rules about paparazzi photos (or celeb sighting pics in general): 1. No kids’ faces and 2. No photos of someone going to the movies by themselves.

Here’s the thing about going to the movies by yourself, especially when you’re feeling kind of blue: No one is paying attention to you — or they shouldn’t be, anyway. You can look like shit, you can order whatever you want, and no one is going to talk to you. When are the Oscars going to celebrate that part of the cinematic experience?

No one knows what exactly Rock saw during his trip to the movies, but here are my guesses:

  • X: Don’t forget that Rock directed an entire Saw movie. He loves horror!
  • The Lost City: Sometimes you just want to watch a good old fashioned romp while you eat a hot dog by yourself. We’ve all been there.
  • Morbius: I’m only including this one because it is the hot, new movie this week. I am hoping that he did not see this, because based solely on reviews it is probably not the escape he is looking for.