Check Out Elizabeth Holmes's Senior Yearbook Photos

She was voted "most likely to be able to run over 200 diagnostic tests from a single drop of blood."

Class of 2002

A generous tipster has given us a gift: One-time youngest female self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes’s senior yearbook photos from when she attended St. John’s School in Houston.

Get a load of these flip flops:

“Dream, Laugh, Reach for the stars.” Yes. Agree. We imagine this mantra would be even more impactful if uttered in Holmes’s signature baritone cadence.

At the bottom right you can also see some of her nicknames: “Liz, Lizzie, Lizard.” Pretty normal.

Here’s another page, which seems like one of those things where your parents submit a tribute with baby photos and it gets published in the yearbook? Notably, her father, former Enron vice president Christian Rasmus Holmes IV (“Daddy” below), contributed his congratulations mere months after his company went bankrupt after a high-profile accounting fraud scandal.

Such family support is important when you are on trial for fraud (she has pleaded not guilty).

She is currently testifying in her own defense, which is surely a sign of reaching for the stars, at least. We can’t wait to see where she lands.