Chaperone Fail: Elderly Mother Gigi Hadid Didn't Make It to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday

She didn't want to party with Nicky Hilton? Weird.

L: Taylor Hill/Getty Images, R: Gotham/Getty Images

Turning 48 is a pivotal moment in a man’s life. Just two years away from 50, it’s a time when he should really be getting his act together and start taking inventory of what truly matters to him. For Leonardo DiCaprio, what’s evidently important to him is having his best friend and also one million of the most random people alive in attendance at his birthday party, but not his rumored girlfriend.

Page Six reported that while there were some usual suspects at the Titanic star’s bash this weekend — aforementioned BFF Tobey Maguire, Jamie Foxx, Maestro from the movie Maestro — everyone else at the party was a veritable who’s who of whos:

Other notable attendees included Adrien Brody, Casey Affleck and girlfriend Caylee Cowan, Stella Maxwell, Nicky Hilton, Rebel Wilson and fiancée Ramona Agruma, Evan Ross, Sommer Ray and [Lebron] James’ agent, Rich Paul.

Some crew! Congratulations to Caylee Cowan (from Instagram) for scoring that coveted plus one, and kudos to Evan Ross (from being Diana Ross’s son and Ashlee Simpson’s husband) for weaseling his way onto the guest list. Rebel Wilson, well, even busy new moms need a night out. And who is Sommer Ray? I’ll give you one guess: That’s right, she is also from Instagram.

Notably absent from the party was Gigi Hadid, the agèd single mother DiCaprio is rumored to be dating. The last time the two were spotted together was on Halloween, when they went to a party and he wore a mask that was “half monster, half zombie.” They arrived in the same party bus, which can basically be taken as a sign of impending nuptials.

But love, like Leo DiCaprio’s interest in women once they reach the age of 25, is fickle. One day they’re going to a Halloween rager at the Brooklyn Navy Yard together, then two weeks later Hadid won’t even deign to fly across the country to party with her rumored beau and Nicky Hilton? How can a perfectly papped romance fall apart like that? Remember when he touched her shoulder?

Either these two have gone their separate ways, or Hadid had to work overtime to come up with some flimsy excuse for not showing up to the party. Something like “working on her line of cashmere sweaters,” or “parenting her child.” Whatever the case may be, it’s sad to see a passion as intense as theirs dwindle into nothing. Hopefully someone will spot them standing five feet apart from each other at a New York nightclub soon, lest we all stop believing in true love.