Cameron Diaz Is Coming Back

Retirement is for people without an ineffable charm

US actress Cameron Diaz arrives for the German premiere of the movie 'The Other Woman' at Mathaeser ...
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Move aside, organic wine. Get lost, Raddix. Cameron Diaz is returning to her first love: the screen. Finally some good news for once.

The queen of making laughing look natural announced today that she will be ending her eight-year hiatus from acting by starring alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix movie Back in Action. A fitting title, if ever there were one. To help reveal this earth-shattering piece of news, Diaz and Foxx did a little sketch with Tom Brady, a guy who knows all about telling everyone that you’re leaving your job only to take it back when the money’s good.

Sadly, the video ends before we can hear what kind of tips Brady could possibly offer Diaz. I’m sure they were along the lines of: “One or two more head injuries can’t really be that bad, ya know?”

Regardless, today is a day of celebration at Gawker. We are all massive fans of the movie In Her Shoes, for which Diaz was completely overlooked by the Oscars. We here at this website have wanted her to come back so badly that we accidentally wrote two separate (and nearly identical) blog posts begging her to do so within the span of half a year. I don’t know how that happened, but it’s okay, because, above all else, this is about our collective love of Diaz.

So welcome back, Cameron. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am so happy 2014’s Annie will no longer be the last title on your IMDb page.