Brock Pierce Funds Loserpalooza... For Skaters 🙂

Featuring such luminaries as Roger Stone’s son and a 9/11 documentary guy.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - NOVEMBER 16: Brock Pierce during the Sime Awards at Epicenter on November 16, 20...
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Crypto cowboy Brock Pierce celebrated Independence Day the best way he knows how: attending a vaguely Libertarian conference that he also funded, alongside a roster of conspiracy theorists, blockchain peddlers, spiritual healers, and Dennis Kucinich, to raise money for skaters.

Pierce, the former child star of Problem Child 3: Junior in Love who was briefly embroiled in an alleged pedophilia ring (all claims against him were dropped), co-founded a cryptocurrency called Tether (which was later banned in New York State), and ran for President last year on a ticket advised by Akon. Now he wears hats, goes to dinner, and talks about how unpopular millionaires should be allowed at presidential debates – which he reliably did at this conference.

The event, called “United We Stand Cambria 2021,” was co-hosted by the Brock Pierce Foundation and The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to “open[ing] the electoral process through education and collaborative action,” founded by former tax-cut activist and one-time Libertarian candidate for California Secretary of State Christina Tobin. It also involved something called a “Blockchain Election Assistant App.” All of the proceeds go to Skate Cambria, a campaign to raise money for a skate park.

The conference’s stated purpose, per its slideshow-style trailer which includes pictures of Eddie Asner from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and famous vegan Moby, is to “connect people with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage civic involvement and inspire individuals to run for office.” As John Lennon says on their website, “THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS, ONLY SOLUTIONS.”

I totally get what that means, and it only becomes more clear and obvious when you look at their well-curated list of speakers. Some of the thought leaders:

Sean Stone

Roger Stone’s son, who wrote his senior thesis at Princeton on the modern history of the “New World Order,” then later changed his name to “Ali,” which he used to publish some spoken word poetry and a book called “Desiderata: A Cosmic Fairy Tale by Ali.” Deepak Chopa called it “a beautiful exploration into the nature of reality,” and that’s beautiful. After changing his name back to Sean, Stone started a podcast about “spiritual experiences, esoteric truths, and our mysterious universe,” on which he interviews with people like David Icke, the one-man PR firm for the reptilian conspiracy theory.


G. Edward Griffin

The creator of “Red Pill University,” who once appeared on Glenn Beck’s FOX show as a Federal Reserve expert, probably because he has so many great ideas. (One of them is that cancer can be cured with “an essential food compound.” Another is that HIV does not exist.)

Clyde Lewis

The self-described “King of Parapolitical Radio,” whose radio show Ground Zero the possibly reliable website “Rational Wiki” described as “a poor man’s combination of Alex Jones, Coast to Coast AM, and Glenn Beck.” A former movie star, Lewis appeared in three very famous horror films – Nightfall, Cage In Box Elder, and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4 – before pivoting to radio, where he discusses, per a profile in The Portland Mercury, “everything from aliens to chupacabras to government mind control.” One choice quote:

He claims to have been visited by the legendary "Men in Black." (They bombed his car in 1996 "to scare him.") He is haunted by demons. He is plagued by the numbers 222 and 444 (and sometimes 23). And he boasts of an uncanny knack for happening into news, like the time he sat next to a British man on a plane, who told him the royal family were incestuous, blood-sucking reptilians, engaged in a conspiracy to rule the world (again). This led him to a devastating conclusion. "I have determined," Lewis says, "that Prince William has every chance of being the Anti-Christ.” Clyde Lewis also has three ex-wives.

Apolla Asteria

An actress, artist, “exopolitician,” and the creator of Shaman Spears, which she describes as “uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself.” She reports for UFO News Network and researches “UFOlogy, exopolitics, forbidden archaeology, esoteric knowledge, and metaphysics.” She practices Falun Gong, the new religion that puts on the omnipresent dance opera Shen Yun.

Richard Gage

An architect who is passionate about building construction, so passionate that he has made five documentaries about 9/11:

911: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction (2008)
Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (2011)
9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (2012)
9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out: Meet the Experts (2012)
Seven (2020) (“the story of the World Trade Center Building 7,” according to IMDb)

Jim Cantrell

The co-founder of SpaceX, who also does drag racing.

Dennis Kucinich

Currently unclear whether the former “boy mayor of Cleveland” was accompanied by his gorgeous tall wife. :)

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