Brie Larson Finally Says Something Interesting

Free her, Marvel

US actress Brie Larson arrives for the premiere of "Growing Up" at NeueHouse in Los Angeles, Califor...
APU GOMES/AFP/Getty Images
Free Larson

Last weekend was the D25 Expo, Disney’s annual event showcasing all of their upcoming projects. Variety pushed out clip after clip of red carpet correspondent Marc Malkin talking to seemingly every famous actor who had to be there under penalty of death by Mickey Mouse. These videos are mostly boring (imagine being interviewed at a work convention), but Brie Larson — one of the least charismatic Avengers, not in a sexist way — managed to bring something interesting to the table.

Malkin asked how long she would play Captain Marvel, and Larson by asking, "I don't know, I don't know — does anyone want me to do it again?” If you can’t be bothered to watch the clip, imagine her saying it in the same tone in which a beleaguered mother might ask her unhelpful family, “Does anyone want to clean this dog crap off the floor? No one? Just me? Alright.”

Malkin, a consummate professional, told her not to be so modest, because what else are you supposed to say to a star who clearly hates her job? We hardly ever know what Larson is talking about, but we get it this time: She wants out!

Larson has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate from Marvel fans since Captain Marvel premiered in 2019. Apparently they don’t like that an alien can be a woman, or something like that; they are the “anyone” who doesn’t want her to do it again. Sucks for them and Larson, who was at the Expo to promote The Marvels, which bravely asks the question: What if three women could get death threats for being superheroes?

Much like Elizabeth Olsen before her, it is obvious that Larson does not want to do this anymore. According to IMDb, she has The Marvels and Avengers: Secret Wars on her Marvel slate. Let her leave after that. Every Marvel actor should get some contractual version of an ejector seat. The second they want to stop making money hand over fist for saying the dumbest thing imaginable in front of a green screen they should be able to request to die in the next movie. It’s only fair. Free Brie; she needs more free time to hang out with her friends.