Brandi Glanville, It’s Time to Move On

No one cares if Eddie fucked Piper Perabo

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Brandi Glanville, a former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills who has enjoyed several different faces in her 50 years, and Eddie Cibrian, a C-list soap star with a full head of hair, got divorced 12 years ago. Cibrian quickly remarried Leann Rimes (the two had been having a pretty brazen affair after meeting on the set of the TV movie Northern Lights). Glanville, in turn, descended into madness.

We have been hearing about Glanville and Cibrian’s twisted relationship, almost exclusively from Glanville herself, for 12 years. We know that Cibrian also had an affair with Scheana Shay, and we were sort of interested in that, because it gave us the best reality television program of all time, Vanderpump Rules. We know every detail of Cibrian and Rimes’s affair, and Glanville and Rimes’s resulting feud, and we were less interested in that, because it’s none of our business. Now, Glanville is revealing yet another affair that Cibrian allegedly had during their marriage, and we have to say: enough.

Brandi and Eddie several lifetimes and faces ago.

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Except of course, we’ll tell you what she said first. It all came out during an interview with Page Six ostensibly to support her incomprehensible new Peacock reality show The Traitors. (“It’s like Big Brother meets Fear Factor but also in a castle in Europe?” she explained.) Seemingly out of nowhere, Glanville claimed that Cibrian cheated on her with Piper Perabo while the two were filming the flop horror film The Cave in 2004.

“They did a movie together and [my son] Mason was one year old and I went to the set and it was in another country, Romania, I think,” she told the gossip outlet. “And [Perabo] was a horrible cunt to me.”

Whoa! Glanville claimed Perabo flirted with Cibrian in front of her, and that her friends on the set told her the two were “fucking.” Of course, Glanville ultimately forgave Cibrian, and he went on to allegedly have affairs with more women until Glanville divorced him in 2010. Hopefully, no one else from Coyote Ugly will get drawn into this mess, but you never know with these people.

Piper Perabo and Leann Rimes in Coyote Ugly, before they knew they would both be accused of having affairs with Eddie.

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Perabo’s reps didn’t respond to Page Six, and Cibrian denied the affair in a statement that concluded, “Fun times at the Christmas table await.” (Glanville and Cibrian share two sons, Mason and Jake.)

Glanville, meanwhile, seems happy about her decision to reveal this information. She just did a pap walk wearing a santa-themed bathing suit, and the Daily Mail published the photos.

Now we must turn directly to Ms. Glanville and say: Enjoy this now, because this is your last one. The next time you talk about an affair, we are going to cover our ears and start yelling so we can’t hear you. Happy holidays.