Brad Pitt’s Fake Girlfriend Had a Super Fun Weekend

She got to wander around the Babylon premiere, and everyone’s talking about it

Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic / Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Allie Jones

Just one short month ago, Brad Pitt’s publicist tested out a new girlfriend for him at a Bono concert. Her name is Ines de Ramon, she’s 29 (wink wink), she used to be married to Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries, and I guess she passed the test, because she showed up to Pitt’s Babylon premiere this weekend.

Of course, there are no photos of Pitt and de Ramon together at the event, but the tabloids are insisting the fledgling couple had a great time together at the after-party. According to People, Pitt, 58, and his new love were seen “mingling with guests, occasionally with their arms around each other.” A source mused that Pitt “is clearly very into her given he brought her to his premiere.”

People also reports that de Ramon is actually 32, and you know what, that’s rude. Let this random woman pick her age.

According to a source who talked to Us Weekly, “Brad is smitten with Ines, but they aren’t officially dating.” Good hedge. This tabloid, for the record, says de Ramon is 29, and we thank them for that.

People has the final word on the duo’s future plans, however. A source revealed that they “are planning to spend New Year’s Eve together,” which is pretty much the hottest night of the year for 58-year-olds. Another source added that Pitt “enjoys dating Ines” and that they “hang out when they are not busy.”

Aw. To recap: Brad Pitt has a cute young girlfriend and Babylon is in theaters Dec. 23!