Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski Have Definitely Heard of Each Other

The two are almost not exactly dating but familiar

Photo by Maria Moratti/Getty Images / Photo by Arnold Jerocki/GC Images
Allie Jones
First Name Basis

Did you know? Brad Pitt has a potential new girlfriend. For the last week or so, the tabloids have taken a break from updating us on Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s every platonic move to focus on Pitt’s alleged budding relationship with one Emily Ratajkowski. According to People, Us Weekly, and the rest of them, Pitt is reportedly smitten with the model and author who happens to be in the midst of a divorce from her alleged cheater of a husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Since Pitt and Ratajkowski have yet to be photographed together, and there is absolutely zero evidence the two have ever spent time in the same room, sources have struggled to come up with anything interesting to say about this pairing. Last week, a source told People that Pitt, 58, and Ratajkowski, 31, “are spending a lot of time together,” but “friends aren’t sure if it’s serious,” and they don’t “appear to be ‘dating’ formally.”

Another source told Entertainment Tonight yesterday, “Brad and Emily are hanging out and enjoy each other’s company,” but added, “Brad is still single and not committed to anyone at the moment. Friends of theirs could see it possibly turning into something more in the future, but right now they’re just having a good time.”

And another source — of course these are all separate individuals who do not work at either party’s public relations firm — told People yesterday that Pitt and Ratajkowski have “had a few dates” and “stay in touch when they don’t see each other."

Hmm. Yes, a beautiful romantic image is coming to me now. These two people allegedly know of each other, have perhaps been to a restaurant together, and send each other the occasional friendly email. Sorry, I’m getting a little hot under the collar thinking about it.

What will Pitt and Ratajkowski allegedly do next? See a movie on a Saturday afternoon because it’s raining and they have nothing better to do? Bump into each other at an art gallery and chat for three to four minutes before pretending to see someone else? Second base???

We won’t have to wait to find out, because sources are going to tell us. Best of luck to these dogged eyewitnesses and their imaginations.