Bono’s Daughter Inspi(RED) to Speak Out on Nepotism

Eve Hewson is not having a "Beautiful Day"

Eve Hewson (L) and Bono attend Vanity Fair's 19th annual Oscars party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. (Ph...
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Pride (In the Name of Nepotism)

This past week has been taken over by (sorry) discourse about (sorry again) nepotism. In the wake of New York Magazine’s neverending nepo baby package, everyone suddenly has lots of very strong feelings about which children of celebrities are good, and which are bad. Some of the children themselves have come out of the woodwork to make their standard claim: That they actually just worked really hard and papa had nothing to do with it. No one has been beating that drum harder than Memphis Eve Sunny Day Iris Hewson, also known as Eve Hewson, also known as Bono’s daughter.

Hewson, for those without Apple TV+, is an actress who stars on the critically acclaimed show Bad Sisters. I think she is one of the sisters, but do not quote me on that. (Editor’s note: She plays the youngest Garvey sister, Becka, and she’s really good!) She was also in two great movies — Bridge of Spies and Enough Said — but I could not have told you that before googling it even though I have seen both multiple times. To keep it concise, she is an actress, but also the daughter of one of the most famous living rock star philanthropists, and she is pissed about the nepo baby discussion.

On Twitter, it seemed that Hewson was enjoying the craic, as they might say in her native Ireland.

We’re all laughing! These are cheeky little jabs, and she was having fun. Then she switched over to Instagram and decided that, actually, she was mad.

The New York Mag article came out two days ago, and yet Hewson is still leaving comments on Vulture’s posts. Her most recent one, from an hour ago at time of writing, was on a roundup of memes inspired by the cover story. She wrote, “Danny Devito I love your work.” She will have to try harder than a nonsensical Mean Girls quote if she wants to beat the humorless allegations.

On her own story, Hewson shared a screenshot of one of these comments, writing “I think I’ll stop having so much fun with this now but shit the clap backs just keep coming soz.”

Eve Hewson/Instagram

For good measure, she returned to Twitter to let us all know that media is filled with nepotism too.

Girl, we know. And don’t think for a second that my father, George J. Newyorktimes, won’t be hearing about your actions.