Blind Items: Met Gala 2021

Which Christian supermodels have sinned (lied) and bought fake vax cards?

Gawker Staff
Blind Item

This Met Gala is back. On hiatus last year due to COVID, it’s being held on Sept. 13 and is gearing up to be even messier than in 2017, when all the good celebs were caught smoking in the bathroom. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

  1. Which two supermodels — a candle and a Christian wife — have procured fake vaccination cards for the event?
  2. Which famous-family sibling and his singer girlfriend broke the new rules and won’t get vaccinated? They might share one kiss, but not at the Versace table, which has replaced them with a newly minted/frequently papped couple (who may arrive on a bike).
  3. Which actress claims that she will be filming the second season of her hit show instead of attending the Met Gala, but she’s actually just unvaccinated?

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