You’ll Never Guess the Name of Billy Ray Cyrus’s Alleged New Fiancée

It’s not Brittany

Allie Jones
Best Wishes

The achy breaky heart of one Billy Ray Cyrus has found new love after separating from his wife of 28 years in April. This new gal is blonde, allegedly younger, and a singer-songwriter herself. Cyrus posted a photo in which she can be seen wearing a sizable diamond ring on Instagram yesterday, so now people think the two are engaged. Who is she? Now, that’s a question.

Picture this woman in your mind’s eye. What do you think her name is? Brittany? Ashley? Britnee? Ashli?

WRONG. Her name is Firerose.

Yep, Firerose. So far, no one from Firerose’s past has come forward to the tabloids to offer up another name she may have previously had. Page Six notes that Firerose’s age is also “unknown.” I’m guessing 46, though that will eventually be rounded down to 32 whenever the happy couple sells their wedding photos to People. (Cyrus is 61.)

What else is there to know about this lucky lady, besides the fact that she evidently has the Facetune app on her Android home screen? According to Us Weekly, she met Cyrus in the studio while working on a song called “New Day” last summer. A source told People, “They grew close while working on music together. It is what it is.” Cute!

People also reports that Firerose is Australian, and that her biggest musical inspirations are Sia and Alanis Morrisette. And, of course, the most important thing to know is that her name is Firerose.

Congratulations to Firerose.