Beyoncé: Rest in Power, Colin Powell, and Happy Birthday John Mayer

Queen Bey confounds us all once again

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Life and death

Beyoncé is one of the world’s most mysterious superstars. She rarely does interviews anymore, opting instead to interview herself. Other than that, she divulges information about herself sparingly and strategically, via tasteful ad campaigns and the occasional handwritten note.

One of the biggest Beyoncé mysteries is her website, Primarily a second Instagram and a landing page for her various philanthropic and business ventures, it is also a platform where the star wishes celebrities of varying degrees of fame a happy birthday along with a baby photo. She loves doing this. It is literally her favorite thing.

Does her team reach out for the baby photos? She would never tell us, because she no longer speaks to anyone publicly.

Today, we had the rare gift of Beyoncé honoring both life and death. First, she wished a happy birthday to a bunch of celebrities who were born this week, including John Mayer (who apologized for using the N-word and saying he couldn’t get it up for black women in a Playboy interview), Eminem (no notes), Wyclef Jean, Naomi Osaka and Shatta Wale.

Then, she inexplicably kept typing on her Beyoncé laptop. More specifically, she decided to grieve former Secretary of State Colin Powell, known for being a chief architect of the Iraq War and also for dying this morning, with a simple “Rest in Power.”

Ummmm, can someone tell Queen Bey that Powell is actually going “to the left” (Hell) instead?