Ben Affleck and J.Lo Planning Second Wedding at Ben’s Fake Plantation House in Georgia

Good idea?

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We learned two things this weekend: love is real, and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are legally married now. Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck shared the happy news on her blog, On the JLo, revealing that she and her beloved tied the knot at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Some avid Bennifer watchers were stunned to learn that J.Lo opted for a small private ceremony instead of a 500-person blowout in Miami or whatever, but it turns out Vegas was just the start of Ben and Jen’s wedding season. TMZ reports that the newly married couple is planning a second celebration at Affleck’s faux plantation house in Riceboro, Georgia.

Fun? TMZ thinks so anyway, noting that Lopez and Affleck have invited friends, family, and their all-important “celeb pals” to join them at a “big bash” on the property in the next few weeks. According to a source, Lopez visited the home with her manager, Benny Medina, last month to plan.

The Riceboro mansion is an interesting location to mark such a sacred occasion. Affleck originally bought the 87-acre property back in 2003, just before he and Lopez called off their first engagement. Since then, he’s spent time there with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and his most recent ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas. He’s also been trying to sell it since 2018 with little success.

It seems that in 2022, there may no longer be a market for this, hm, unique property, which was built as a “remarkable imitation” of a plantation. In real estate marketing materials, the primary mansion on the property is literally referred to as “The Big House,” just like it would have been in antebellum times. You can see photos of it here. Pretty bold purchase for someone who would later go to great lengths to bury the fact that one of his “distant relatives” owned slaves.

But perhaps all the media coverage surrounding the wedding will be the final push to get this thing sold. Best wishes!