Ben Affleck Buddies Up to Jennifer Garner’s Ghost Boyfriend

Two real guys keeping it real

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Allie Jones
"John Miller"

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner finalized their divorce in 2018, Garner has allegedly been dating the CEO of a robotic burger chain who goes by the name of “John Miller.” Mr. Miller rarely appears in photos and seems to mostly exist in the imaginations of Us Weekly’s reporters. But this week, he emerged in daylight and was seen by someone other than Garner. That someone was Affleck.

Today, Page Six published a record NINE photos of Miller greeting Affleck outside Garner’s home. The pics were allegedly taken yesterday, and they are some of the clearest images we have ever seen of the enigmatic boyfriend. In the photos, he is smiling, perhaps for the first time, and he also reaches out to shake Affleck’s hand. “Is there a bromance brewing?” Page Six asks. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but these pics do seem to indicate that Miller has a corporeal form that can be perceived by other humans.

Last week, Us Weekly reported that Miller and Garner’s relationship is going great, despite the fact that they are not engaged or planning a wedding. “Jennifer adores John and still sees a long-term future with him,” a source revealed. “There’s no desire on her part to slow things down, spend less time together or anything like that. She’s just decided after a lot of thought that she’s just not in a hurry to rush down the aisle just yet and that she feels perfectly happy cherishing and enjoying what they have — for now — without a formal label.”

Reading that, I’m starting to think Miller is a ghost again. But I hold on to hope that if Ben Affleck can see him, he must exist in some form. My best wishes to this beautiful blended family.