Bella Hadid: For Your Information I Got the Vaccine Six Months After it Became Widely Available

It’s less embarrassing to let us think you’re unvaccinated

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 01: Bella Hadid is seen in Tribeca on September 01, 2021 in New York ...
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It’s no secret that many celebrities are unvaccinated. Being famous warps your brain into thinking crazy things, so it’s no surprise that these beautiful millionaires have gotten the idea that the COVID vaccine will, I don’t know, dissolve all the fillers in your face or make your balls so gigantic that your fiancé cancels your wedding.

Because many people know that this is how the celebrity mind functions, there’s lots of speculation about who has and hasn’t received their shot. Bella Hadid was tired of this, and decided to end the conversation about her vaccination status once and for all on her Instagram story.

The model and nootropic beverage entrepreneur posted a screenshot of a photo from her camera roll that shows her sitting in a doctor’s office as a medical professional holds a needle approximately an inch and a half away from her arm. “For anyone concerned,” she wrote using the cursive font, followed by the always chic black emoji heart.


Look closely at the image. Right there at the top, you can see that it was taken on August 6th. I, a normal person with neither clout nor an autoimmune disease, got vaccinated in April. Why did Bella, who famously has chronic lyme disease, wait so long to get the vaccine? And more importantly, why would she admit to waiting until just a month ago?

The inclusion of the date feels purposeful. Bella must think this is a slam dunk post, one that will silence the haters (me) and make us all eat crow for saying she was unvaccinated. Sorry babe, but I’m actually more suspicious now than I was before.

If I was her publicist, I would have had her share to the grid that she got the vaccine as soon as it went into her arm — that way she could have been featured in this People Magazine slideshow about vaccine selfies along with Julia Roberts and Demi Lovato. Right now I have some lingering questions like: How do we know that shot is the COVID vaccine and not some kind of Chronic Lyme booster? Where is the vaccine card? Again, August?

It would be, on the whole, less weird of her to just let us all believe that she is unvaccinated. I had chalked up the rumors of her vaccination status to another celebrity being a nut about their body. Instead here I am, wondering why the needle is so far from her arm.