Aside From the Offensive One, Jackson Mahomes’s TikToks Are Pretty Cute

The boy just wants to dance

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 30: Jackson Mahomes, brother to Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Ch...
David Eulitt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

One of the tried-and-true rules of the internet is that if you post long enough, someone will get mad at you for something. Sometimes it’s able to be brushed off, like when a Nicki Minaj stan enters your mentions for deigning to say that maybe she’s fallen off. Other times, it requires a publicist-approved apology to the masses for dancing on a memorial for a murdered football player. Such is the case for Jackson Mahomes.

For those of you who don’t follow football or minor TikTok celebrities, let me explain. Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Jackson Mahomes has amassed just under a million TikTok followers because he is the sibling of a famous person and does little dances at football stadiums across the country.

On Sunday, he posted a video from the sideline of the Washington Football Team’s field wherein he danced to DJ Drama’s “Ain’t No Way Around It.” Crucially, he was standing on Sean Taylor’s number while dancing to the lyric “She expect for me to love her / I could never be a lame.” Taylor was a Washington Football Team safety who was murdered in his home in 2007, and whose number had just been retired that day.

So yeah, obviously not a great look for Jackson Mahomes, who later deleted the TikTok and posted an apology saying that he had been directed to stand in that area and that he meant “absolutely no disrespect” to Taylor or his family.

Other than the TikTok where he danced on the memorial of a slain man the day it was debuted, the younger Mahomes’s videos are all pretty cute if not slightly cringe. In addition to dancing at most of his brother’s games, he dances at baseball games, basketball games, and what seems to be a youth girls soccer tournament. It’s called range. He also loves the fact that he gets to ride in a private jet, and to be honest, who wouldn’t?

The Invisalign and Raising Canes influencer has not posted to TikTok since the Sean Taylor incident, but hopefully he comes back and graces us with his poor lip syncing skills once again. And you never know, but if Patrick Mahomes has the season he’s expected to, maybe we’ll get to see Jackson do something minorly offensive at the Super Bowl.