So Anna Kendrick Is Hanging Out With Desus Nice A Lot…

Perhaps the Yoko rumors are true

Photo by Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon / Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Allie Jones
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On Monday, Showtime announced that its popular talk show Desus and Mero, featuring longtime friends and collaborators Desus Nice and The King Mero, would not be returning for a fifth season. Fans of the show unfortunately saw this coming: Desus and Mero haven’t released a new podcast episode in months, and there have been rumors that the two fell out over money or something else. Could that something else be the scrappy little nobody known professionally as Anna Kendrick? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Kendrick appeared on Desus and Mero back in 2019, and recently, fans have suggested that she’s dating Desus. The two were photographed together on a trip to Iceland in April. And two weeks ago, they went on another European vacation and were possibly each other’s dates to Top Gun: Maverick and Insecure star Jay Ellis’s Tuscan wedding. Here they are at the Eiffel Tower with former Gawker writer Cord Jefferson (thank you to the Twitter account Anna Kendrick Rocks for capturing this screenshot):

And yesterday, Kendrick and Desus both popped up in separate photos from Ellis’s wedding that were published in Vogue. The site, perhaps not realizing that they were sitting on potential gossip, declined to identify Desus in the photos but noted that Kendrick spent time with Ellis’s mom.

What about Bill Hader? Until recently, Kendrick was reportedly in a very quiet and private relationship with the former SNL star, but we don’t know exactly when it ended. Hader awkwardly declined to talk about Kendrick in an interview in March, and Us Weekly reported the official end of their courtship last month, in the midst of the January 6 hearings in Congress.

If you know what’s going on with these people, feel free to get in touch.