Andy Cohen's Powerful Wordle Message to Russia and Ukraine

Take that, Putin

US television personality Andy Cohen arrives for the opening night of Broadway musical "The Music Ma...
Starts with a 'P'

Whenever there is a global conflict — a war breaks out, an illegal occupation takes place — it is only a matter of time before we see people post the most brain-dead shit. Which pastel-colored infographics will get recirculated by celebrities until the probably error-riddled contents are rendered utterly meaningless? Who will be the first famous person to quote Mr. Rogers and tell us to “look for the helpers”? How many B-listers will film front-facing camera videos of themselves looking solemn and saying they’re not quite sure what the world has come to, but it must be stopped?

Half a day after Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to attack Ukraine, Bravo puppet master Andy Cohen is coming in hot with a strong message via a screenshot of his first Wordle guess, which he posted on Instagram Stories:

Short, simple, and to the point — PEACE. He was also generous enough to not press enter, which means this word choice does not spoil any letters for Wordle enthusiasts who haven’t played today’s game yet. Andy, thank you.