Amandla Stenberg Responds to Terrified NYT Critic: Lighten Up Mama!

No need to call 911 just because of some light boob humor

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Make 'Em Laugh

Earlier today, critic Lena Wilson shared a DM she had received from actress Amandla Stenberg that read, “ur review was great, maybe if you had gotten ur eyes off my tits you could’ve watched the movie!” The movie in question was Bodies Bodies Bodies, which Wilson had called a “95-minute advertisement for cleavage” in the New York Times. Pretty funny line.

Stenberg also thought it was funny, as she said in a video on her Instagram story posted in response to Wilson sharing her DM.

“I’m receiving a lot of commentary on the internet for being a very naughty girl and for sending a DM that I thought was hilarious,” the actress said. “There’s this film critic and her name is Lena Wilson and she writes for the New York Times. She described [the movie] as a ‘95-minute advertisement for cleavage,’ which I thought was hilarious. I’m proud that a piece of work that I was part of was described as such in such a renowned publication.”

Stenberg went on to explain that she thought that since she is gay and Wilson is gay, that they would both think her DM was funny. Wilson did not think it was hilarious, and instead stated that she was “devastated” by it. Listen, sometimes it’s hard to read someone’s tone on the internet, we’ve all made our little jokes that don’t land.

The Hunger Games actress then took on a more serious tone, saying that Wilson’s comment had stuck with her because she has faced a lot of commentary on her chest throughout her career.

“I wrote this tank top in this movie because me and the costumed designer felt it fit the character well. I do get tired of people talking about my chest. There seems to be a lot of unwarranted conversation about my chest,” Stenberg said.

Stenberg wrapped up her video by saying, “Lena, I thought your review was hilarious. I thought my DM was funny. I did not mean to harass you. I do not wish you any harm. You are allowed to have your criticism on my work and I’m allowed to have my criticisms of your work. I wish you the best.” A “bless your heart” to end all “bless your heart”-s.

I have to say, this is a bit of a masterclass for celebrities who find themselves in the midst of minor internet scandals. She owned it, she explained herself, she had a little laugh, and she used it to explain an actual grievance she has with the way she is covered by the press. It’s kind of hard to take in all the information we have and not come out pro-Amandla. Like a true comedienne, she went out on a laugh with this final joke:

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Pretty funny line.