Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Happily Eva After

Susan Sarandon’s daughter has taught me so much about co-parenting and blueberry crumble muffins

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Allie Jones

Maintaining a personal blog is a lot of work, and there is not a lot of money in it. Perhaps that’s why Eva Amurri, the industrious, independently wealthy daughter of Susan Sarandon, is so well suited to the task. I have been following Amurri’s blog, Happily Eva After, for years now, and it is a reliable font of information on her style, her kitchen hacks, and her co-parenting journey with her ex-husband Kyle Martino. She has three kids — Marlowe Mae, 8, Major James, 5, and Mateo Antoni, 2 — and a positive attitude.

I first started paying attention to Ms. Eva After in 2016, when she revealed on her blog that she and her then-husband Martino had fired two nannies in the span of a few weeks. In an extremely detailed and arguably tone-deaf post, she wrote that Martino had fired the second nanny because she sent him an unsolicited raunchy text message that made him uncomfortable. I’m sure there was more to this story than what Martino shared with his wife, but that’s okay, because she ended up divorcing him three years later when she was pregnant with their third child. This was the moment I tuned in to Amurri’s life for real, and I haven’t changed the channel since.

One of the hallmarks of Happily Eva After is radical honesty. Amurri shares seemingly everything that’s on her mind, from what bathing suits she’s buying for summer to an ongoing, currently seven-part series on co-parenting with Martino. She has introduced a new boyfriend — a random guy named Ian who apparently is a chef — as well as created a “FAQ About Divorce” that delves into reader questions like, “It seems like the kids are with you more than Kyle: is that true? If so, why?” (The answer is yes, because she has primary physical custody of them.)

One of the things I admire most about Amurri is her ability to sound like an expert on everything from breast pumps to “holiday entertaining.” I find myself reading her on topics that are not at all relevant to my life, like back-to-school essentials for children. Have I mentioned that she lives in Westport, Connecticut? Random, but she loves it. I recently read her post “My Fairfield County Favorites” for no discernible reason and came away with a desire to visit a suburban zoo. I was also transfixed by “Mateo’s Schedule: 0-3 Months,” which is as detailed as it is terrifying. My own mother never explained to me how many times a day you need to feed a baby, but now I know, thanks to Happily Eva After.

I know what you’re wondering: Is Ian going to propose to Eva? What happens if Kyle gets a new girlfriend and she’s 23 years old? How many years until Marlowe revolts and starts a TikTok making fun of her mom’s style hauls? WILL SUSAN EVER GUEST POST? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I will be checking for updates every day until I die.