Adult Woman Marries Accused Sex Pest Chris D’Elia

And worst of all, she seems really happy about it

Comedian Chris D'Elia (L) and Kristin Taylor attend the premiere of Columbia Pictures' Sicario: Day ...

Alleged sexual predator Chris D’Elia got married over the weekend, and the woman is a whole 29 years old. Marrying an adult woman is some kind of personal growth for him, as he was accused by multiple young women — some of whom were underage — in the summer of 2020 of soliciting them for nude photos. Vile stuff.

This adult woman is named Kristin Taylor. She’s a stop-motion animator and she and D’Elia have been together since 2018. If you do some quick thinking, you will realize that means she stayed with him while it was reported that he had a history of direct messaging teenagers asking to make out with them. Unfortunately, they had a child together a few months before the allegations started coming out, so it’s not like she could just cut and run.

Extra unfortunately, she does seem to be truly in love with him. She shared a carousel of photos on Instagram to celebrate their wedding, and the two look very loved up in every photo. She might have even taken his name.

D’Elia himself also posted a carousel, captioned “Stronger now.” Stronger now than… when a woman came forward to say that he asked her for a ride home and then allegedly started masturbating in her car? I don’t know how a couple gets stronger after that, but I’m sure they’re working on a podcast about it.