Everything I Know About Aaron Rodgers’s Potential New Girlfriend Mallory Edens

She went to Princeton and she trolled Drake one time

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - APRIL 20:  (L-R) Randall Cobb, Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens watch Game Two...
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Who is Aaron Rodgers’s girlfriend? If you said, “Shailene Woodley,” you’re wrong. That’s been over for months now, due to differences of opinions regarding vaccines (possibly), and she was his fiancee, actually. Now, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has a new love interest, and she happens to be an important figure in the Wisconsin sports world. Her name is Mallory Edens, and she is a daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens. Rodgers and Mal were spotted smiling at each other in courtside seats at the Bucks game on Friday, which was Rodgers’s 39th birthday. Wow.

Who is this mysterious Mallory? And is Rodgers actually dating her? All will be revealed in time.

She’s 26

According to People, Mallory is 26. According to Wikipedia, she graduated from Princeton in 2018, so that tracks. As I previously mentioned, Rodgers turned 39 this weekend. Woodley is 31. Everyone has an age.

She’s a model

Or, at the very least, she has the Instagram handles of model management firms in her Instagram bio.

She trolled Drake one time and guys on Twitter seemed to love it

During the Eastern Conference Finals in 2019, when the Bucks were playing the Toronto Raptors, Mallory wore a Pusha T shirt while sitting courtside. This was likely to troll Toronto native Drake, who was at the time in a war of words with Pusha T, due to Pusha revealing the existence of Drake’s son.

Guys who tweet about basketball thought this was a real “cool girl” thing to do. And — whoa — Rodgers was sitting next to her when this happened. She was 23 then.

Rodgers and Mallory also sat next to each other at a Bucks game this past April. It’s possible that they are not dating but are always offered courtside seats near each other because of their respective connections to the team.

She just so happened to have all these books on her nightstand on International Women’s Day in 2020


Here’s hoping Rodgers learns to read in the next six months so he can appropriately converse with his Wisconsin princess bride. Amen.