Aaron Rodgers Has a Covid Toe on His Big Feet ;)

TW: Graphic descriptions of toes

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - NOVEMBER 21: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) makes a pass during ...
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Toe-tally Gross

As if it wasn’t enough that Shailene Woodley’s long-distance boyfriend Aaron Rodgers was penalized by the NFL for getting COVID while unvaccinated, he is now being punished by his own immune system. Specifically, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has been suffering from something called “Covid Toe,” which is just as gross as it sounds.

In an interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said that he’s had no lingering effects following his COVID case, “other than the Covid Toe.” He clarified that it’s his pinkie toe giving him trouble, saying that it is “much more painful than turf toe… there must be some sort of bone issue.”

If Rodgers was actually diagnosed with Covid Toe by a non-homeopathic doctor, he did not listen to them when they were explaining what it actually is. It’s not a bone issue, but rather a condition where the body creates too much of a certain interferon. So it’s actually more like a protein issue. Covid Toe, also known as pernio or chilblains, can have frightening symptoms like making your toes discolored, even purple. It’s also very painful. Do not search “Covid Toe” in Google Images unless you want to see a bunch of gross pictures of toes.

Luckily for the former Jeopardy! guest host and annoyingly for those of us that don't like him, Covid Toe is usually a good sign. Esther Freeman, doctor and principal investigator for the Covid-19 Dermatology Registry, told the Wall Street Journal that Covid Toe is “part of our body’s response to the response to the virus. It’s almost too much of a good thing.”

I’m sure that Rodgers is very thankful for that and more this Thanksgiving. The Packers are leading the NFC North, he has a beautiful actress fiancée, and Roger Goodell said, “Eh, no big deal,” when he revealed he hasn’t been vaccinated. In the spirit of the holiday, the white man stays winning. Go off, king.