Aaron Paul Goes On a Name-Change Bonanza

His son Casper is getting a new name – can you guess what it is?

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 05: (L-R) Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian attend the Los Angeles Seaso...
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Allie Jones

Aaron Paul, the 43-year-old Breaking Bad actor best known (to me) for an Instagram where he called his wife a “pretty bird,” is changing his name. To what, you might ask? Well, to Aaron Paul. His legal name is actually Aaron Paul Sturtevant, which I think we can all agree is not quite as snappy as Aaron Paul. According to TMZ, Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian — who incidentally had one of the worst celebrity weddings of the last ten years — both filed documents to legally change their last names to Paul this week.

Not much of a story, I guess. You can see why they would want to have the same last name, and why they would want that name to be the one Aaron Paul is famous for having. But here’s the funny part: the Pauls also filed legal documents to change their baby son’s name entirely. When he was born in April, they named him Casper Emerson Paul. Now, they want to change his name to Paul Paul Paul.

Just kidding. The little guy’s name will now be Ryden Caspian Paul. Upgrade? Or basically the same exact name? Feel free to share your thoughts with the Pauls directly.

One family member who did not get a name change during this particular document filing is Aaron and Lauren’s four-year-old daughter, Story Annabelle Paul. Good thing, because that name is perfect.

Now, the whole family will have the same last name when they send out their Christmas cards from the Pauls this year. Hopefully they don’t ruin it by throwing an unnecessary apostrophe in there.