A Guide to Model Girlfriends

Who is Jake Gyllenhaal dating, and why?

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Male celebrities have always had model girlfriends, but these days, it seems like there are more of them. Justin Bieber has Hailey Bieber. Leo DiCaprio has an almost-25-year-old (uh oh) model named Cami Morrone. Kanye West has Chaney Jones and the $275,000 Birkin bag he gave her. Andrew Garfield is possibly dating or maybe recently broken up with the same model Jake Gyllenhaal dated eight years ago. Who are these women, and what can we learn from them? Let’s discuss.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Model Girlfriend

Name: Jeanne Cadieu

Age: 25

Occupation: Model

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Jake Gyllenhaal, 41, has been dating his model girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu, 25, since the end of 2018, according to People. But he didn’t start bringing her to events until last year, which means that every time they go out together now, the tabloids describe it as a “rare” sighting. Two weeks ago, Gyllenhaal and Cadieu made a “rare” appearance at Gyllenhaal’s film premiere in Paris. (Convenient, considering Cadieu is French.) A week later, they made another “rare” appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

According to thefamouspeople.com, Cadieu is an Aquarius.

Andrew Garfield’s Model Girlfriend

Name: Alyssa Miller

Age: 32

Occupation: Model

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Andrew Garfield, 38, started dating his model girlfriend Alyssa Miller, 32, last November. Six years before that, Miller coincidentally dated Gyllenhaal for six months, proving that the lifespan of a model girlfriend can be quite long. Garfield and Miller made their first red carpet appearance in February at the SAG Awards, but they reportedly broke up last week. Or did they? Miller posted a photo of the two of them together to seemingly shrug off breakup rumors, but “friends” of Garfield’s told the tabloids that the two are done and that Miller’s Instagram behavior is weird.

According to superstarsbio.com, Miller has a net worth of “$70 Millon Approx” and her favorite food is seafood paella.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse’s Model Girlfriends

Names: Barbara Palvin and Ari Fournier

Ages: 28 and 22

Occupations: Model and model

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Dylan Sprouse, 29, has been dating his model girlfriend Barbara Palvin, 28, since 2018. Sprouse’s twin brother Cole Sprouse, also 29, has been dating his model girlfriend Ari Fournier, 22, since earlier this year. The couples made a joint appearance at the premiere of HBOMax’s Moonshot last month, which is a film that stars Cole but not Dylan. Everyone seemed to get along.

According to Cosmopolitan, Fournier’s mom was also a model. According to popbuzz.com, Palvin was born in Hungary and discovered on the streets of Budapest when she was 13.

Ryan Seacrest’s Model Girlfriend

Name: Aubrey Paige

Age: 23

Occupation: Model

Ryan Seacrest, 47, has been dating his model girlfriend Aubrey Paige, 23, since last year. They have not attended any red-carpet events together, but Seacrest recently introduced Paige to his morning show co-host Kelly Ripa, and she liked her. “If you two break up, I’m going into seclusion,” said Ripa live on-air. “I am so fond of her.”

According to Heavy.com, Paige has a fashion marketing degree from Austin Community College.

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Wow, that’s a lot of model girlfriends. And according to Us Weekly, there’s a new one on the scene as of this week: Scott Disick, 39, is reportedly dating the Scottish model Rebecca Donaldson, 27. Last night, Disick brought his new model girlfriend to the premiere of The Kardashians, a show he is still on somehow. Previously, Disick dated the models Amelia Gray Hamlin, Sofia Richie, Chloe Bartoli, Bella Banos, Ella Ross, Jessica “J-Lynne” Harris, Megan Blake Irwin, Christine Burke, Lina Sandberg, and Hana Cross. Congratulations to all the models.