A Collection of Casey Affleck’s Comments on His 24-Year-Old GF’s Instagram

"All I could smell was you."

CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck attend the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022 at ...
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Allie Jones

Casey Affleck has been in the news more than usual lately, and not because he’s getting canceled again. Instead, he has been the subject of discussion because he declined to attend his brother Ben Affleck and new sister-in-law J.Lo’s three-day wedding extravaganza at Ben’s fake plantation house in Georgia last month. I’m sure he had his reasons, as did Leah Remini. On the day of the wedding, Casey, 47, was spotted getting a couple scoops at Van Leeuwen in Los Feliz with his 24-year-old girlfriend Caylee Cowan.

Did you know Casey had a 24-year-old girlfriend named Caylee? They love each other very much, according to Instagram. I was perusing their accounts the other day and found they have been demonstrative with each other on the platform several times. Perhaps you’d like to read some of the comments that Casey has posted on Caylee’s photos, which I have reproduced below.

On a photo of Caylee wearing a bikini on a yacht, he commented, “You are the high tide.”

On a photo of Caylee attending the premiere of Three Thousand Years of Longing at Cannes, he commented: “More than 3000 years for me.”

On a photo of Caylee posing in a bustier for Vulkan magazine (no idea), he commented, “Go baby.”

On another photo of Caylee at Cannes with a pair of twins in cutout dresses, he commented, “But no connor?” Not sure who Connor is.

On a photo of himself in Budapest that Caylee posted for his 47th birthday, he commented, “How you see me makes me a better man. How you love me makes me love better. I am yours. All❤️🌬…”

On a photo of Caylee’s butt, he simply commented: “🙌❤️😍”

And on the couple’s one-year anniversary in January, Casey took to his own Instagram page to type out a 200-word missive to his beloved, which I have reprinted in full below with all credit to the artist.

“A year ago, we met. A few months ago, I got smart. Thank God, it wasn’t too late.
On our first date, you carried firewood up, built a fire, and gave me a low eyelid look that was so strong I had to take a knee for a minute.
Tonight, to celebrate knowing each other for a year, we went down to the local bakery here in Budapessshtt and cooked twelve loaves of bread. All I could smell was you.
We have gone through a lot of ups and downs this year, but how I feel about you has only gone in one direction.
My girl, you make me a better man every day. You could push me and you could drag me and you could carry me, but instead you just walk with me and talk with me and make me laugh. You are a deep and tender woman with more girlfriend geem than anyone I ever met.
I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am determined to figure it out and keep doing it forever.
While it beats, you have a place in my heart. I hope you stay that long.
I love you.

Beautiful, thank you.