27 Days Until Lea Michele Starts ‘Funny Girl’: Jane Lynch Is Getting the Hell Out

But it isn’t about Lea, she swears

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 24: Jane Lynch poses at the opening night of the musical "Funny Girl" on ...
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Whatever You Say, Girl

Only 27 more days until Lea Michele starts performing in Funny Girl, and believe it or not there is “no drama here.” At least that’s what Jane Lynch is saying after announcing that she’s leaving the show even earlier than expected.

Lynch said today that she’ll take her final bow on Aug. 14 due to a previously planned vacation. She was originally slated to leave the show on Sept. 25, but announced last month that she was going to step down on Sept. 4 so that her replacement, Tovah Feldshuh, could debut at the same time as Lea Michele, the new and controversial Fanny Brice. Again, we’re sure Lynch’s early departure has nothing to do with Michele.

Just kidding, I do know why I’m bringing this up. It’s because in an interview with Playbill, Lynch mentioned Michele without being prompted at all.

“I have a vacation August 14th, and then I had just like five shows after that, and it's a six-hour flight, so I thought, ‘let's end it now,” Lynch said. “It has nothing to do with not wanting to see Lea. I text with Lea. She and I are fine. I'm thrilled for her. I love working with Julie. I loved working with Beanie. There's no drama here. None.”

The question was just “Why are you leaving Funny Girl earlier than expected?” No one asked about Michele, but Lynch does seem eager to be defensive. I imagine that there’s a lot of backstage chatter about all the casting shake ups, so she just wanted to get ahead of—

“We just keep it positive. Nobody talks about that stuff. If anybody's reading it, they keep it to themselves.”

And that’s the acting that got her an Emmy. Brilliant stuff all around, brava!