Photo: AP

According to a new FEC filing, AlternativePAC, a super PAC formed by small government activist Matt Kibbe, spent $30,000 this week on “internet web memes” supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

In June, the owner of libertarian tomato processing company Morning Star donated half a million dollars to AlternativePAC, but Sunday’s meme buy appears to be the super PAC’s first significant expenditure since Kibbe announced its creation earlier this year.

“There is real interest in the Libertarian ticket, and Gary Johnson has an historic opportunity,” Kibbe told at the time. “Our PAC will use data, technology, narrative and cutting edge social media to target disaffected constitutional conservatives, independents, and Bernie progressives looking for something different.”

Unfortunately for anyone who wants to know what 30 grand in rare pepes looks like, AlternativePAC has yet to share any memes (internet web or otherwise).