"Yes, I Drank the Goat's Blood," Says Florida's Pagan, Libertarian, "Genius-Level" Senate Candidate

Jay Hathaway · 10/05/15 11:00AM

Augustus Sol Invictus, Floridian former lawyer and current Libertarian candidate for Senate, once described himself as “of genius intellect,” “God’s gift to humankind where the English language is concerned,” and “everything you ever wanted to be.” Critics describe him as “a self-proclaimed fascist” and “absolute insanity.” One time, he killed a goat and drank its blood.

Ayn Rand's Capitalist Paradise Is Now a Greedy Land-Grabbing Shitstorm

Adam Weinstein · 08/28/14 11:56AM

Atlas Shrugged readers remember Galt's Gulch as the rural refuge where Ayn Rand's Real Men of Genius spurned American socialism for their own anti-leftist paradise. Some inspired libertarians have set up a real-life Galt's Gulch in Chile. Unregulated capitalism, though, is presenting some problems!

Adam Weinstein · 08/25/14 09:30AM

A new Pew poll suggests that 14 percent of Americans—mainly male non-black college grads who make $75,000 or more—identify as "libertarian." Nearly a quarter of those self-identified libertarians failed to correctly identify what libertarians believe.

If Ron Paul Is Nirvana, Who Is Everyone Else?

Andy Cush · 08/07/14 11:45AM

"Has the 'Libertarian Moment' Finally Arrived?" the New York Times Magazine wonders today. More importantly: If Ron Paul is Nirvana, does that make Gary Johnson Soundgarden?

Ron Paul's MH17 Theories Are Crazy Even for Ron Paul

Adam Weinstein · 07/21/14 04:48PM

If Ron Paul never runs for president again, he can always get an anchor gig on RT. The patriotic American's latest "Texas Straight Talk" column is a Putin paean to all the ways in which the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was America's fault.

The Campaign Manager Who Beat Eric Cantor Just Deleted His Facebook

Adam Weinstein · 06/11/14 04:20PM

Boys will be boys. Zachary Werrell, 23, is just a boy who happens to be running the campaign of the tea partier who upset House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in last night's Virginia congressional primary. A boy who, like so many others, suddenly realized his Facebook rants could be a liability.

Check Out Sexy Ron Paul Being Don Draper On a Bicycle

Ken Layne · 05/23/13 11:29AM

Who's the sexy Air Force dude on the beach cruiser? Oh and who's that cute little blond boy? This photograph of "the America we lost" shows Doctor Ron Paul and his son, board-uncertified ophthalmologist Rand Paul. If you're wondering how these two become so nutty in the 21st Century, all the clues are in this seemingly innocent photograph.

Ron Paul Calls on United Nations (Which He Doesn't Believe In) to Confiscate RonPaul.Com

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 02/09/13 03:43PM

In 2008, a group of Ron Paul supporters founded, a Ron Paul fan-site that became one of the leading sources for information about and support for the perennial Libertarian presidential candidate. The creators of the site "put our lives on hold and invested 5 years of hard work into Ron Paul, and Ron Paul 2012." His presidential campaign fell short, but the enthusiasm lived on as supporters continued to rally around this free enterprise Messiah.

Glenn Beck vs. The Citadel: Who Announced Plans for a Libertarian Commune Better?

Mallory Ortberg · 01/13/13 03:41PM

This week saw not one but two announcements about the development of intentional living communities dedicated to the principles of libertarianism: one from Glenn Beck (Independence, USA, a "city-theme park hybrid" that will marry "media, live events, small business stores, educational projects, charity, entertainment, news, information, and technology R&D") and the other from a group of like-minded citizens looking to build a rifleman's paradise in the mountains of Idaho (The Citadel, which boasts "No credit check. No background check. Zero down payment. Zero interest. Zero property taxes.").

Reddit Libertarians Accuse Obama Administration of 'Planting' Questions in AMA

Max Read · 08/31/12 02:30PM

President Barack Obama did a Reddit "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) this week, answering ten questions over about 30 minutes and causing the site to crash repeatedly. But it wouldn't be a real Reddit experience without mob paranoia — and, right on cue, a bunch of libertarian Reddit detectives have assembled a case that the White House "planted" one of the few questions the president answered. An unconvincing case, to say the least.

Ron Paul's Great Rock-N-Roll Swindle at the RNC

General Zeevi · 08/29/12 02:50PM

Yesterday the Ron Paul rEVOLution was thrown out in the gutter, alongside the storm-bathed protesters carrying 99% signs. Thanks to the RNC's backroom rules changes, the good doctor's delegates were not seated. Supporters' chants of "point of order!" from the convention floor failed to incite a floor fight. Their overwhelming "nay" vote on the rules changes went ignored by John Boehner (R-Leatherette), who gaveled the faint "ayes" into the record books.

Meet Rapper Dorian Electra Gomberg: The Libertarian Lolita

Moe_Tkacik · 07/05/12 04:55PM

The hilariously undignified right wing conspiracy reaction to the news of that seventeen year old Georgia kid's public defection from the right wing conspiracy got me thinking: could the radical right's time-honored Tween Indoctrination traditions actually start to backfire? Because if so, here's a worthy nomination for the next big victim of "Krohn's Syndrome": Dorian "Libertarian Lolita" Gomberg a.k.a. Dorian Electra, who was "first introduced to the ideas of liberty in the ninth grade" and still purports to be "intimidated by the awesomeness" of her internship in the preeminent rap video production wing of the Koch Brothers reality denialism empire.