In Praise of Skull Trumpet, the Internet's Spookiest Meme

Andy Cush · 10/31/14 08:35AM

Doot-doot! The internet's spookiest meme isn't really spooky at all. Start the video, and a disembodied skull holding a trumpet appears, hovering over a field of black. Without menace, it turns toward you, and the bell of its horn begins to throb. Doot-doot! Skull Trumpet's musical salvo lasts all of two notes, and it's over.

Paul Rudd Sat Idly by (Thousands of Miles Away) During Homophobic Attack

Jordan Sargent · 10/27/14 03:45PM

Today, the internet has ascribed an inspiring bit of heroism to Paul Rudd, after video surfaced this weekend of a man who almost, kind of looks like Paul Rudd helping to prevent an alleged hate crime at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (as shown in the video above). Alas, @TheRealPaulRudd was actually thousands of miles away, likely doing nothing, while real American heroes got their hands dirty.

"Shell Shock" Could Give Hackers Keys to Your Website

Sam Biddle · 09/24/14 04:00PM

You might recall "Heartbleed," a password-thieving software bug that left hundreds of thousands of computers vulnerable while you pretended to understand and worry. Now we've got another source of esoteric computer dread, and it might be even worse.

Competitive Web Surfing: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Andy Cush · 08/12/14 09:00AM

As I sat, sweating, at a keyboardless iMac in a sweltering bar, an amplified voice announced the beginning of competition: "The previous rounds were based on a combination of luck and skill, but this one is really all about skill. Can you surf? Can you rip?"

New Meme: Everybody Is Going Crazy Buying Up Weird .gop Domains Today

Adam Weinstein · 07/08/14 01:40PM

In order to prove once and for all that it is totally web-savvy, and not nearly as analog as the critics say—oh, and also to raise money—the Republican Party is selling new web domains ending in .gop starting today. They are much in demand, but not for the reasons Republicans might have hoped.

The Man Behind the Web's Most Controversial Video Site

Jason Parham · 06/19/14 01:50PM

We’re 35 floors high above midtown Manhattan and Lee O’Denat occupies the seat across from me. His is a physically-commanding presence—a bull of a man—and I begin to think everything I have read about him up until this point is true. The designer shades. The diamond-encrusted chain. The deceptively knowing smile that spreads across his round face from time to time. He knows something that you don’t.

Adam Weinstein · 05/21/14 12:33PM

In an "opinion" column mostly devoid of opinions, Maureen Dowd seems to express some wistful hope for a future internet that forgets and buries all references to our past mistakes and transgressions. That's Maureen Dowd, admitted plagiarist.

"Marine Todd" Is an Awesomely Stupid Right-Wing Meme That Got Hijacked

Adam Weinstein · 03/31/14 12:55PM

It's the story of a man. A man who went to war. And then went to college. And then decked a godless shithead professor. It's a feel-good story! And it went viral among God-fearing Murkans. And then Twitter got hold of it. And then it got really good.