Ross Ulbricht, the young “California geek” who became the internet’s most notorious drug lord and began a still-raging debate over online privacy and liberty, will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The New York Times reports Ulbricht, who was convicted of multiple narcotics-related charges early this year, was just sentenced:

Mr. Ulbricht, 31, was sentenced by the judge, Katherine B. Forrest, for his role as what prosecutors described as “the kingpin of a worldwide digital drug-trafficking enterprise.”

He also faced a mandatory minimum 20-year sentence on one of the counts for which he was convicted.

A life sentence for a man in his early 30s is way past 20 years. The fact that Ulbricht brazenly documented his crime in a series of journal entries didn’t seem to have endeared him with the judge:

Ulbricht’s attorney says he will appeal the decision.