Sometimes the world wide web functions exactly as designed, funneling information where it's requested, and expediting tasks that would've taken days in another era. Other times, a group of young men that self-describe as sexless wizards swarms your personal blog.

Wizardchan is an offshoot of 4chan, the notorious online hub filled with rape cartoons and photos of people shitting on one another. Wizardchan makes 4chan look like a southern finishing school; it is a complete vacuum of social norms. A typical Wizardchan post looks like this:

Now that we have a New Wizchan, lets not rely on old 4chad memes.

Lets create genuine homegrown Wizard memes made by actual Wizards. We don't need to rely on Pepe and Wojak anymore. They are just normies, angry that their gfs aren't fucking enough.

Artfags get in here

Or this:

Right now I'm in California and I really hate it. The rent costs are incredibly high. When I ask people what they like about Cali they say "muh friends!" or "It's one big partay bra!" Being a wizard I don't care about such things.

This is it. That's the whole thing—young men discussing the particular ecstasy of celibacy and what it's like to avoid human contact. Now imagine you are web designer Helena N., who maintains a personal blog at, and woke up one day earlier this week to discover was inexplicably pointing to her own humble website:

There is a strange misunderstanding that is now redirecting to my blog, heck, not even redirecting, but sort of 'became' my website at I received a tweet recently about Wizardchan 'replacing' my website and prior to this I had no idea what Wizardchan is about.


It seems that the webmaster at Wizardchan has been 'pointing' the wrong IP address to their domain and therefore ended up with mine. And they don't seem to know it's happening as well...


I suppose I am not very welcome in their community considering I am not a male virgin. But, lesson of the story is that, these things happen.

A kind reminder to Wizardchan users that the website has been moved to, as I have been informed by the webmaster.

So if you have landed on my blog, read this and move along for now.



The internet burps and gurgles like some fetid swamp, and we're best off if we never drink (or even stir) the water. I hope Helena will never have to read a sentence like this one ever again:

Always remember that there are people like this out there, and that you're never as far from them as you think you are. The sexless spell-casters are always looming.