These outrageously adorable baby foxes were born on the grounds of Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park. They like to hang out in the Zen Garden. And they're the stars of a Facebook page called "FB Foxes." Do you like them?

Of course you like them. They are baby foxes. Facebook needs a "Love" button. Mark Zuckerberg was an early fan of the page, which now has more than 8,000 followers.

"Please honor the MPK Fox," reads the page's description. "No chasing or feeding—just mutual respect."

The fox family lives between the product and sales buildings, in the appropriately named Zen Garden. While the parents have been around since at least last year, the babies were reportedly born after the couple moved beneath the garden deck, and people have just been going extra nuts over them ever since.

But the rules are serious, and there is serious Facebook shaming for anyone who violates the no feeding/no harassment protocol. Local wildlife officials have even been consulted to make sure everybody is behaving properly around the fox family.

They call the mom "Firefox," get it? Why is Facebook illegally using the name Firefox? They should call the mom "Graph Search."

What did the baby foxes do on Mother's Day, you may well be wondering. They hung out in the garden, with mom:

[Photos via FB Foxes.]