The pear emoji is not one of the world's most popular emoji, it's safe to say. How often are you eating a pear and wanting to text someone about your pear? As of this writing, per the invaluable Emoji Tracker, ":pear:" is the 570th most used emoji in the world. It has its place, and that's outside of the emoji upper class. That is unless we're talking about Rick Ross' Instagram comments.

Last month, Ross gave an interview to most famous British rap person (there's one!) Tim Westwood in which he talked about his substantial weight loss. One way he has lost weight, Ross said, is by eating pears. This delighted people for various reasons—for one, it's because some people probably think that the idea of Ross, who has rapped proudly about his size in the past, eating healthy is inherently funny. But it's also because Ross talked about pears in the interview in a deliberately knowing, almost ironic, way.

Here is a clip from the interview, which rapidly became a meme in certain circles—the below vine has been looped nearly 20 million times.

"I eat pears now and shit," Ross says in the vine. "Shoutout to all the pear." It's that last phrase—"shoutout to all the pear"—that has really delighted people, and for good reason: "shoutout to all the pear" is a hilariously nonsensical statement. Of course, the clip has spread like wildfire across the internet despite it being not the whole truth: in the full clip Westwood finishes Ross' thought by saying "eaters," to which Ross responds "yeah."

Either way, Rick Ross now has a full blown meme on his hands, and I hope he doesn't mind it because it doesn't appear that he's escaping it any time soon. Here is what the comment sections on his Instagram account look like now.

This is a small but extremely representative sample of what Rick Ross sees every time he peeks at his notifications tab on Instagram. Rick Ross has become the most famous pear-eater in America.

Whether this results in any boost in business for pear distributors remain to be seen. But one thing is certain: even if the Rick Ross vine doesn't lead to a pear bubble in the fruit market, it has already caused a pear bubble in the emoji economy.

[image via Instagram]