As the head of Facebook, with over one billion active users, Mark Zuckerberg probably has more influence on information technology than any one person alive. Now a couple of information scholars have archived his every public utterance into a massive archive they're calling the Zuckerberg Files.

The Zuckerberg Files will be good for two things: 1) prescription sleep aid alternative 2) helping researchers examine the philosophy and politics of Mark Zuckerberg and determine whether the mercurial internet tycoon is leading us into a dystopian future where humanity's sole purpose is to create a data trail for giant corporations to scoop up and mine for profitable patterns. According to information scholar Michael Zimmer, an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Zuckerberg Files contain over 100 full-text transcripts of speeches, blog posts and op-eds, and 50 videos.

Of course, as Facebook has shown, what happens in private is more revealing than anything we do in public. It doesn't appear the Zuckerberg Files contains Zuckerberg's IM chat transcripts, like the one where he calls his early users "dumb fucks" for trusting him.

Unfortunately you have to be like an academic or something to access the archive, so go get a Phd.

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