A group claiming affiliation with Anonymous, the nebulous blob of hackers whose influence and credibility has waned a lot in recent years, just released what appears to be a (real) long list of KKK members. The only interesting part is how horrible their Facebook accounts are.

The list itself doesn’t have much of a point—it’s almost entirely a list of complete nobodies who are probably so deeply immersed in white radicalism and hatred that they don’t care if they’re outed as white radicals. What’s truly embarrassing is their shit taste in web memes—you call this shareable content? Outrageous.

Many of the images, which people actually click Like on with their real names, are so blurry and poorly constructed that they’re hard to even read:

They seem to draw heavily on clip art:

Many are spiritually similar to a “Big Dogs” t-shirt, but with racist undertones:

Others are just shitty in their own novel way:

This attempt at white supremacy is illegible:

Some are so bad they’re sorta cute:

Others are factually dubious:

While others are unimpeachable—here we have the only known photograph of Jesus Christ, seen chatting with a Nazi officer on a country road:

Someone out there thinks this looks “badass” for sure:

Sometimes the most frightening of the Aryan memes are the ones that aren’t overtly threatening:

While others are just one chromosome away from the average Redditor:

This one isn’t a meme but an interesting look into someone’s miserable life in Klan country:

Did you even try???

Good job here:

This take on a Windows 95 wallpaper is also a Hitler reference:

Sometimes the KKK spreads a good message, like the dangerous risks of drug abuse:

I can’t keep looking at these, but you can peruse the membership at your leisure right here.

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