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Everybody’s always asking me: What’s the new meme? I’m here to tell you: The new meme is plabe.

A meme happens when someone does something funny on a website somewhere, and other people on the internet start doing the same funny thing, but they put their own spin on it. Maybe you find out about the meme when it pops into your feed, or maybe you find out about it on a website like the one you’re reading now, where writers like me explain the joke of the meme in great detail.

Anyway: The new meme is plabe. For a while, plabe has been bubbling under the surface of internet culture, and it’s finally ready to make its big debut. After this post, you can expect to see plabe texts from your normie friends; plabe tweet screenshots on your favorite meme Instragram accounts; plabe memes from Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry as she sits on a military airplabe, wearing sunglasses. Check it out.

Wow they have found the plabe in the ocean. Classic.

The idea behind plabe is simple: take a commonly used word—plane—and replace its third consonant with B, the adjacent letter on a QWERTY keyboard, for an absurd and humorous effect.

You can even do the plabe with your favorite songs.

As you can see, plabe is really catching on in the meme scene. Some Twitter users have even mashed plabe up with the classic “Bush did 9/11” meme, for a killer meme remix.

And you know it’s a good meme when media Twitter starts getting in on the action.


Often, in the course of doing meme journalism, we dig into the nitty gritty history. Where did plabe come from? Why? Is it a reference to a rap song, or a ‘90s cartoon? I can’t answer all of those questions, but I can tell you about the first plabe on Twitter. It seems to have come from plabe superfan @SupaMagg, who tweeted this cheeky bit of environmental advice back in April 2008.

It seems that since then, the whole internet has caught plabe fever. Paste your favorite plabe memes in the comments.