Here Is a Picture of Mark Zuckerberg Topless [UPDATE]

Adrian Chen · 08/10/12 03:20PM

Here's a picture of Mark Zuckerberg that was posted to the image-sharing site Imgur. The picture was accidentally uploaded publicly to Facebook by Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth and deleted "seconds later," according to a screenshot posted by TMZ. Yes, you can see his nipples.

One Broadway Star's Spectacular Crusade Against Shoe Spam on Facebook

Adrian Chen · 06/12/12 08:45AM

Chad Kimball is a born leading man. In 2010, the 35-year-old veteran actor was nominated for a Tony award for his starring role in the Broadway musical Memphis. But on Facebook he's applying his talents toward an unusual end: Stopping spam ads for shoes.

Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley Sued Over Crappy Facebook IPO

Adrian Chen · 05/23/12 09:37AM

Facebook's stock continues to perform more embarrassingly than your grandmother on Facebook. Now Facebook's disastrous IPO has descended, predictably, into a morass of lawsuits as investors scramble to recover their losses. This is so much more fun than marveling at how rich Mark Zuckerberg is!

Facebook's Stock Tumbles Harder Than a Drunk Bro In a College Sophomore's Facebook Album

Adrian Chen · 05/21/12 01:10PM

If Facebook's IPO on Friday was a one-day Web 2.0 Gold Rush, then today is when the prospectors realize all the gold has already been taken out of the rivers and start getting trashed on moonshine and move to San Jose to open a shoe store. After a disappointing day of trading on Friday, Facebook's stock tumbled 13 percent today, falling below its opening price on Friday of $42.

Horrible Newspaper Lets You Track Mark Zuckerberg's Wealth In Real Time

Adrian Chen · 05/18/12 11:00AM

Facebook just went public a few minutes ago. And today is the day when we forget Occupy Wall Street ever happened to slaver over the tiny handful of investors and Facebook employees who will become super rich from the $16 billion IPO. To that end, the Wall Street Journal offers this widget that lets you track Mark Zuckerberg's obscene wealth in real time as Facebook's stock rises or falls.

It's Mark Zuckerberg's 28th Birthday

Adrian Chen · 05/14/12 09:04AM

Boy King Mark Zuckerberg turned 28 today, striking fear and loathing into the hearts of everyone who is not a 28-year-old billionaire. Facebook will go public this week in an IPO that could value the company as high as $100 billion.

The Tech Industry's Asperger Problem: Affliction Or Insult?

Ryan Tate · 03/01/12 10:00AM

Somewhere north of 15,000 American children are conservatively believed to be afflicted with Asperger Syndrome, a disorder characterized by obsessive and rigid behavior, poor communication skills, clumsiness, and a lack of empathy and reciprocity. Cases of Asperger's and a related disorder, autism, exploded in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, according to state-funded outreach workers — an assertion that will come as no shock to users familiar with pedantic, apathetic, tight-lipped and self-serving tech companies. How, exactly, does Asperger's work, and has it had a material impact on how the technology sector relates to its customers? Below, find a quick guide to those questions, and a look at why one of the Valley's most famously infuriating pedants, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is rumored to have it.

Even Mark Zuckerberg Is Watching the Knicks Game Right Now

Leah Beckmann · 02/19/12 01:56PM

Hey sports fans, look at Mr. Cool Sports Fan up there in the stands. Zuckerberg, with girlfriend Priscilla Chan, will find a way to make another billion dollars stealing fellow Harvard alumnus Jeremy Lin's unselfish style of offense.

How Mark Zuckerberg Accidentally Endorsed Mitt Romney on Facebook

Ryan Tate · 02/08/12 02:41PM

Sometimes you do something on Facebook — comment, post a link, "like" a status message — and it gets totally misinterpreted. And amid the backlash from family, friends, and strangers, you just have to be, like, "Facebook is fucked up, not my problem." Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have that luxury.

The Most Awesome Homoerotic Mark Zuckerberg Fanfic

Ryan Tate · 02/02/12 06:26PM

Eduardo Saverin isn't just a Facebook co-founder made famous by The Social Network and set to get very rich off the Facebook IPO. He is also, judging from the burgeoning genre of Mark Zuckerberg fanfic, the college hottie online romance authors most want to see hook up with Facebook's young CEO.

Mark Zuckerberg Wanted To Sacrifice Facebook for a Different Idea

Ryan Tate · 01/31/12 01:08PM

It might be built on science, but Silicon Valley can be as fickle and fashion conscious as any Paris couturier. Back in 2004, for example, social networking looked trivial and grubby; truly cool programmers worked on swapping copyrighted music and movies. Even robotic Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was swept up in the trend, planning to sacrifice his now-$75 billion social network for a file-sharing venture, according to newly released instant messages.

How a Human CEO Programmed Mark Zuckerberg

Ryan Tate · 01/05/12 06:35PM

When Facebook was only 6 percent as popular as it is today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to upgrade his personal operating system with leadership features. So Earth's richest cylon decided to shadow his human friend and mentor, Washington Post CEO Donald Graham.