After a two-year battle with bone cancer, 27-year-old Ryan McHenry—who created good memeRyan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”—died on Sunday. This evening, the actor himself raised a spoon in the late Vine maker’s honor.

McHenry first rose to internet fame in May 2013 for the popular Vine series, which documented Gosling’s steadfast refusal to eat his breakfast and is still funny years later.

Later that year, the Scottish filmmaker was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and on April 22 he posted his last Vine. In it, McHenry demonstrated that Gosling was a liar who still wouldn’t eat his goddamn cereal.

In addition to his tribute video, Gosling tweeted a heartfelt message to McHenry’s family on Monday.

[Image via Vine//h/t Buzzfeed]