WGBH, the Boston-based public television station responsible for the beloved cartoon Arthur, has a message for social media users everywhere: Please stop making Arthur fuck.

Arthur, a cartoon aardvark watched by millions, has recently been celebrated online for his open and progressive sexual curiosity. The loser virgins of WGBH, however, say that these visual tributes to Arthur and his ragtag gang of sex-loving peers is “outside of good taste.”

From The Boston Globe:

While many users have employed an image of Arthur’s clenched first to jokingly suggest frustrating experiences, such as splitting checks at a restaurant, others have used the show’s visuals to suggest an incestuous relationship between Arthur and his sister or other sexual situations. One clip dubbed a scene from the cartoon with sexual and racial language.

Some of the “memes” these public broadcast narcs are referring to might include this:

Or more likely this:

Or even:

One WGBH spokeswoman told the Globe that they hope “that Arthur and his friends will be depicted in a way that is respectful and appropriate for all audiences, including young Arthur fans and their families.”

Too bad, lady. Arthur wants to fuck.