ABC 6 in Philadelphia suggested today that the praying hands emoji—one used to express faith, gratitude, or a general "Jesus take the wheel" attitude—is actually a "high five." ABC 6 in Philadelphia is wrong.

Look closely, for a minute, at the emoji itself:

The thumbs are on the same side. When you bring your hands together to pray, your thumbs are on the same side. When you high five someone in a conventional manner—right hand to right hand—your respective thumbs end up on opposite sides. Here's what a standard high five looks like, according to stock photography:

That image is not represented by the emoji in question.

If you're still not convinced, consider the general ambiance of the emoji. As staffer Kelly Conaboy put it this morning, "If they aren't praying hands, why are God's rays coming out of 'em?"

It's a fucking praying hands emoji.

[Images via ABC 6, Shutterstock, HT @rachelysanders]