Michael Barbaro—“Political reporter for the New York Times, inveterate gossip, Upper West Sider”—has taken the old transit adage of seeing something and saying something to heart. Today he saw something in the underpass at 41st Street and 7th Avenue and said something about it on Twitter.* Can you identify the danger in the photo he snapped below?

After a careful, minutes-long study of this photograph with our Gawker-branded microscope, we failed to identify any dangerous weapons (nunchucks, bombs, knives, firearms, et al), slick liquids covering the floor that might cause slippage, or risk of falling debris. One might run a risk of tripping over the stray styrofoam cup pictured middle-right, but as long as one is not iPhoning while walking one should be OK. Otherwise the lighting in the underpass appears to be good, the walls are gleaming, the floors need a touch-up but what can one expect from one of the subway system’s busiest arteries?

We would like to ask Mr. Barbaro: What is, exactly, dangerous in this photograph?

Thank you.

* Update, March 19, 2016: For reasons that remain unclear, Michael Barbaro deleted the above tweet and accompanying photo sometime after November 26, 2015—more than a year after this post was published. We have replaced the embedded tweet with a screenshot for clarity.

[Top photo via AP]