It’s happened to us all: You’re minding your own business on the WWW and the next thing you know, a liberal hacker has cyber-hijacked your Facebook account for the purpose of posting racist memes about the president. The most recent victim is Linda Sorenson, who promises she was definitely hacked and did not post it herself.

Sorsenson is chairwoman of Colorado’s Delta County Republican Central Committee, and last week posted the following image to her personal Facebook wall:

Now that’s racist. But maybe not extremely surprising, coming from a GOP figure in a mountain backwater. But according to Vic Ullrey, Sorenson’s second in command who spoke to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, this isn’t what it looks like (a racist expressing her racism). Rather, it’s a left-wing hacker media conspiracy:

“This whole thing is a hoax. Someone got into the Facebook somehow,” said Vic Ullrey, vice chairman of the committee. “It was hacked and somebody got into it, definitely.”

When asked why Sorenson was the specific target of the alleged hacking — possibly a federal crime, if true — Ullrey said, “I have no idea,” later adding, “Just to damage the Republican Party, no doubt. … Just to make us look bad,”

Another Delta County GOP officer told the Sentinel that Media Matters, the left-wing watchdog group, was behind the hack that absolutely happened and is not the threadbare, oldest and worst excuse in the book for doing something dumb on social media.

However, it’s difficult to reconcile the “Media Matters hacker conspiracy” theory with this purported phone call recorded by blogger Jason Salzman (who broke the Sorenson story), in which Sorenson says the chimpanzee image was just meant to be a joke, and “I really don’t care if people are offended by it.” I attempted to figure out this apparent contradiction by placing a call to the Delta County Republican Central Committee’s listed contact number, but found that it went to the voicemail for High Wire Ranch, a Colorado elk and bison meat production operation.