The people have spoken, and, damn, they sound terrible.

In the final round of America's Ugliest Accent, two Pennsylvania cities will face off to show the world what they're made of (steel and coal and thick, ugly accents). While we're suspicious that the handsome face of one Zachary Quinto convinced you to vote for Pittsburgh, there is no stopping what is happening now. Barrel ahead with us as we decide which city has the ugliest accent in the entire United States.

A little background on each city: Pittsburgh was recently named by the Travel Channel as one of the Best All-American Vacation cities. Scranton has a lot of coal and a hit TV show. On Tuesday, a 1o-year-old boy near Scranton was charged as an adult for the murder of a 9o-year-old woman. In Pittsburgh, a calf was named after accused Steelers rapist Ben Roethlisberger. In the beginning of September, a wedding brawl took place in Pittsburgh's Station Square after the groom hit on a pregnant worker.

Should any of these details effect your voting process? It's all up to yinz. While you are welcome to go through and take a look at what has happened throughout the entire tournament, the fate of America's ugliest accent now lies in your hands. Don't fail us.


Notable Scranton accents: Vice President Joe Biden, Kelly Conaboy, Raymond Lyman
Example sentence:"You took arh rights away with this ridikulous four minutz, fightin with people, not given us anssers, and tellin people they're outta order. Ridikalous."


Notable Pittsburgh accents: Allie Jones, Dennis Miller, Joe Manganiello
Example sentence: "Yinz gotta be loose to rilly speak Pittsburghese."

[Image by Jim Cooke]