After we published photos of his old house—and he gave Oprah a tour—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg moved out, relocating to a new security camera-studded home a few blocks away. Now his neighbors are gossiping—and they've sent us pictures.

Zuckerberg has been conquering the world lately, but the 26-year-old's real estate movements have been fairly constrained. His new place is in the same small Palo Alto neighborhood of College Terrace as his old four-bedroom house, which was put up for rent last month. And while Zuckerberg's former home is a mere seven blocks away, his new digs make commuting to work even easier: It's just down the street from Facebook's headquarters, where Zuckerberg reportedly spends 16 hours a day.

His half-mile move didn't go unnoticed. The Facebook founder's new home was the talk of the neighborhood over the holidays. "Everybody's aware that Zuckerberg moved here," one College Terrace neighbor told us.

Zuckerberg's new house, which is another rental, is slightly larger than his previous place. It has five bedrooms and around 3,800 square feet, according to internet listings, versus four bedrooms and around 2,350 square feet for the old place. No fewer than three satellite dishes are attached the roof. Out in front, you'll find Zuckerberg's black Acura—which we photographed in the driveway of his old place back in July—parked curbside.

The new home's security cameras are perhaps the clearest indicator that it's now occupied by the world's youngest billionaire. The cams are newly installed, another neighbor said, coinciding with Zuckerberg's arrival. With a $50 billion valuation on the line, Facebook's investors, some well versed in rough business tactics, no doubt want to ensure the security of their 26-year-old founding CEO.

Another big advantage of the new place: It's been kept out of the spotlight. Our photographer was the first to capture images of Zuckerberg's old house back in July, when we turned the Facebook CEO's privacy ethos on Zuckerberg himself. The social networking king then invited talk-show host Oprah Winfrey's cameras inside the property in September, in a move that seemed to signal Zuckerberg had come to accept his celebrity status. But three months later, he's moved.

Needless to say, we've tracked Zuckerberg down again. And we've got pictures, below, which were provided to us by one of his neighbors.

The place is very modest by the standards of tech royalty like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, whose homes have been the object of endless news articles and even a Wikipedia entry. (Even Zuckerberg's basketball hoop is pint-sized.) But surely the man who facilitates millions of instances of petty gawking each day didn't think that would keep it out of the news.

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